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Our Story


Cancer Messed With is an apparel brand that allows you to show support for your love one, a friend, a teammate... anyone who is fighting cancer.  Not only are you giving them the encouragement they need to fight this disease, but your purchase is also helping find a cure for pediatric cancer.

Cancer Messed With was founded by friends at The Isabella Santos Foundation.  Through Isabella's fight and her parent's persistent battle, Cancer Messed With became a slogan that people in the community resonated with.  This message became a vision intended to help someone show support for any person and any cancer.

In early 2017, The Isabella Santos Foundation was awarded a grant from a local angel investor to start the venture of creating the Cancer Messed With brand.  Through many mentor discussions, design reiterations, focus groups and photo shoots... Cancer Messed With was born.

The proceeds of your purchase go to pediatric cancer research through The Isabella Santos Foundation. The Isabella Santos Foundation is a 501C3 charity that supports leading childhood cancer research hospitals and organizations across the United States.


Isabella Santos was diagnosed with stage IV neuroblastoma in 2007 at the age of 2 in Charlotte, North Carolina. From the very beginning Isabella's parents fought relentlessly to save their daughter and were steadfast in getting the message across that cancer chose the wrong family to mess with. Through her grueling cancer treatments and loss of hair, Isabella's mother scoured the internet for trendy cancer supporting gear for the family.

With Isabella's bald shiny head out in the open...why not punch reality in the throat and wear slogans of support across all their shirts.  Isabella's mom found that few options were available.  After fighting for 5 years and countless remissions Isabella lost her battle in 2012.

It can be hard to watch someone you love and admire fight for his/her life. We often times feel helpless in their journey, but want to show them support at every turn. A supportive foundation is incredibly important to those fighting. This is exactly why Cancer Messed With was created.


Our message has a story to tell.  Photographer, Michelle Cherikos believed in our mission and donated her time, talent and resources to help us tell that story.

Michelle Cherikos, Angel Eye Portraits...

"A few years back I was in a pretty dark place; living a selfish life.  I was introduced to Give Hope Global, a non profit who brings medical, education and the Good news to to Haitian orphanages.  I quickly fell in love with the Haiti community and now have traveled there 8 times.  There my life was forever changed.

Within a few days of one another, our pastor, David Chadwick and our baseball coach, Brad Correll said "Missions is where our feet are".  Some powerful words right?  It made me realize, I don't just have to travel afar to share the good news; my mission is right here too.  At that very moment I was contacted by The Isabella Santos Foundation about their new "mission" and I jumped on the opportunity.  What a blessing it's been; to sit with each of them, hear their story, share in laughs and tears; it was a great reminder that God is always here.  He is in control.  The passion and love of these women for their own mission was inspiring and I was honored to be a part of their journey.  And even though I did not meet Isabella, she's certainly made a stamp on my heart."