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#PenneyStrong: The inspiration & promise behind the fight

Posted by Rachel Wood on

A sister's inspiration behind her family's fight with cancer...

"This is the face of cancer. Anne Pickett; my beautiful sister, my best friend, my soulmate. Once the manager of First Bank's HWY 52 branch and an active member of the Stanly County Rotary Club and community, Anne was diagnosed with invasive stage IV metastatic breast cancer at 35-years-YOUNG. All of this only 6 months after giving birth to her first child. Our family learned a hard lesson fast - cancer doesn't discriminate. For over two years... 26 months... 769 days... 18,456 hours... nearly 1,107, 360 seconds, Anne has courageously faced cancer with grace. My sister is a warrior. She's endured relentlessly grueling treatments, most of the time while wearing a smile on her face. She's the true definition of what it means to be brave... to be strong. Anne has inspired so many throughout this journey with her persistent faith and positive attitude, but It would have been a lot harder, if not impossible, for Anne and our family to make it this far without the unwavering prayers, generous support and [most of all] love from others.

PenneyStrong is a campaign our family started based on Anne's maiden name [our family name], but more importantly on our family's promise to fight Anne's cancer together... our promise to build a movement and legacy in her name that honors her by spreading her faith and positive attitude the best way we know how - by perpetuating kindness in paying it forward. And in the end, one thing is for sure. Cancer messed with the wrong family. #PenneyStrong #CancerMessedWith  #CancerMessedWithTheWrongFamily"

-Jessica Penney

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