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Molly Grantham: Day 3 of Childhood Cancer ACTION Month

Posted by Rachel Wood on

Written by WBTV's Molly Grantham

Sept Day 3: “Cancer Messed With ________.” 

…The Wrong City.
…The Wrong Kid.
…The Wrong Mom.
…The Wrong Family.
…The Wrong Team.

Fill in the blank. Pick what you want. Get it on a shirt and wear it proudly.

Parker and I did.

This is the newest grand idea of a fundraiser from the always-creative Charlotte-based The Isabella Santos Foundation. Money will benefit pediatric cancer research for neuroblastoma. You can go to Cancer Messed With for more.

The new site also launched Friday, the first day of Pediatric Cancer ACTION Month.

Erin Santos and her crew at ISF are brilliant. If you remember a few years ago, it was Erin who originally dreamed up and drilled home that September should be about ACTION and not merely awareness. Erin says her new “Cancer Messed With…” brand is “intended to help buyers show support for anyone and any cancer,” but purchases go towards helping find a cure for pediatric cancer.

More explanation below in comments.

I'll post a few more photos of the shirts below, too. Can’t help it. They're good pictures - Michelle Cherikos made both Parker and me laugh.


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