Cancer Messed With the Wrong Hospital

Imagine walking onto the children's oncology floor at your local hospital and seeing your team of nurses and doctors with an empowering message on their shirts? Levine Children's Hospital (LCH) decided that's exactly what they wanted to do by ordering custom LCH branded #cancermessedwith shirts for their nurses and doctors in 2017.  The team wears the shirts as part of their uniform with their scrubs.  
In 2018 a group of nurses, Child Life Specialists, and oncology staff decided they wanted more Cancer Messed With shirts to wear with their scrubs and ordered Cancer Messed With the Wrong Hospital to make an even broader statement.  We love walking the hospital halls and seeing staff wearing supportive messages
Meet Paige, Child Life Specialist, at Levine Children's!  You only have to talk to her for 2 minutes to hear how much LOVE she has for her job, the kids and helping them fight cancer. We admire you Paige and all Child Life Specialist and our kids are extremely fortunate to have you to help them keep fighting.

“I feel so lucky that I get to be a Child Life Specialist to our kids fighting cancer here at Levine Children's! First and foremost, these kids are kids-and I love getting on their level and meeting them where they are. Sometimes that looks like making transformers out of playdoh or playing countless rounds of UNO. And sometimes my job is that I get to use real medical materials and human body books to teach these kids about their cancer and what their treatment will look and feel like. Other times I get to talk with our kids about their hopes, dreams, and goals and work my hardest to make those things happen. But all the time, I am always loving my job because every day I get to see these kids exhibit what it is like to truly be courageous. Courageous doesn’t mean always being brave and it doesn’t mean it gets easier-it means finding strength in the midst of pain, grief, and fear. And these kids show it every day! I love seeing them grow throughout the years I get to spend with them. They are all gifts and they are changing the world - you just wait!” -Paige, Child Life Specialist, Levine Children's

Cancer Messed With shirts can be ordered in bulk and have been used as a fundraising tool for several cancer charities, hospital uniforms, group race shirts and more. Contact us to talk more about custom orders.

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