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Cancer Awareness Podcast with Sheri Lynch: Cancer Messed With The Wrong Team

Posted by Rachel Wood on
“A different spin on the way we talk about this battle, this struggle that we have with cancer. All cancer. Pediatric, breast cancer, bone cancer. Children, adults, your aging parents. Everyone.”
The Cancer Messed With... brand was inspired by one little girl's fight with cancer. Her story of awe-inspiring strength. Her story of a family that wouldn't back down. A community that lifted them up. Most everyone has been touched by cancer in some way. Everyone has a story. This brand is the message behind each one of those stories. Each awe-inspiring story of cancer fighters and the people that rally around them. Stories that deserve to be told... to SUPPORT, ENCOURAGE, and INSPIRE.
We joined Sheri Lynch of the nationally-syndicated morning radio show, Bob & Sheri, on her podcast last month. She talked with Erin Santos from the The Isabella Santos Foundation about her daughter's cancer fight, her legacy behind the foundation and how our Cancer Messed With… brand was born.
Sheri asked some REAL questions about grief, mommy guilt, and the wreckage that cancer leaves behind. It’s REAL and HONEST, we hope you will take 25 mins out of your evening to listen by pressing play below.

(Length:  25 mins)

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